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Just Monyetta

Join the conversation on positive co-parenting and Keeping it Classy. Enjoy Mommy Mo moments with her M’s Madilyn and Mason. Catch her in work mode, chill time, event time, hanging with her friends, girls night out, getting ready for date night, book tour dates, red carpet etc. Catch workouts, her favorite places, restaurants, behind the scenes on shoots and movie sets, travel and more. You’ll never know what a day in the life of Monyetta will bring. There will be special surprise guest. All positive, fun, and real. Good vibe, love, and light!

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    Critically- acclaimed author Monyetta Shaw has a few books under her belt and is currently busy writing more. She has been dubbed as the “coparenting guru”. Monyetta has written books on personal growth, moving on, positive co-parenting, and more. Her children book series are inspired by her two kids Madilyn and Mason Shaw-Smith. Her passion for defining happiness, service, and family continues to be the driving force behind every aspect of her brand.


    Monyetta Shaw lives by her testimony, “to whom much is given, much is required”, and as a worldwide philanthropist she supports of The Compound Foundation, Beyond The Game Foundation, Kamp Kizzy, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, The League of Women Voters, and The National Black Arts Festival to name a few.Monyetta was raised with the belief that we have an obligation to give back, not only of our time, but of our resources. “I have been uniquely blessed and honored with opportunities, and I know how important it is to pay it forward” says Shaw. This is evident in her support of Beyond the Game Foundation, where in the village of Swaziland she sponsors 48 children on a monthly basis to provide them with food, water, clothing, educational and medical supplies. She also provided funds to build The Evan Grace orphanage in Swaziland Africa. Monyetta’s generosity and leadership is an inspiring example for others to follow in her footsteps. She hopes to create a legacy that her children will carry on and help improve positive change in the world.